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Engraved Nambé

Engraving Connection is an Authorized Nambé Dealer

Nambe Wave Business Card Holder with engraved name Engrave a Nambe Love Bowl Nambe Engraved Tri-Corner Bowl Nambe Engraved Handled Tray

Nambé possesses a certain mystique. Known for their timeless beauty and award-winning designs, Nambé (pronounced nom-BAY) was christened as a tiny village near Santa Fe in northern New Mexico, founded in 1951. Nambé is the "lifestyle" brand valued by people who love simple and elegant designs with its most distinguishing characteristic being devoted to form as it is to function. Many early Nambé designs such as the Tri-Corner and the Love Bowls still sell briskly. This dedication to design defines Nambé, timeless art that you can use every day.

Early on, discerning buyers and customers of prestigious stores like Neiman-Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, Bloomingdale's, and Gump's discovered Nambé. Museums added Nambé to their collections and exhibits. For its beauty, quality, and heirloom value, Nambé became a favorite gift, especially for brides. The collection grew and became a world brand. In 1998, Nambé introduced the collection of full-lead crystal. Since 2006, Engraving Connection has been carrying Nambé products for the perfect engraved gift for weddings, corporations, friends, and family. Choose from a variety of fonts, including the ability to engrave logos and other line art. Experience a Nambé engraved piece in your home or as a gift.

Product Type

Nambe Wave Business Card Holder with engraved name

Design by Karim Rashid

The Wave Card Holder is the most stylish way to present your business card. The Nambé signature metal in free-flowing form says you may be resolute, but you still love to smile. Makes an excellent gift for congratulating a friend or co-worker. Front-face engrave your name or corporate logo to personalize.

Engrave a Nambe Love Bowl

Design by Sean O’Hara

The universal symbol of love, the Love Bowl, is a touching gift idea for that special person. Fits perfectly on a side table or dresser to hold trinkets and candy. Engrave words of adoration either within the bowl or on the backside.

Nambe Engraved Tri-Corner Bowl

Design by Richard K. Thomas

Year in, year out, since Nambé's beginning in the mid-20th century, certain products maintain their appeal. The Tri-Corner Bowls are among those products. They embody Nambé's guiding principles of design and functionality. The sharp esthetics of these pieces was designed by a sculptor, Richard K. Thomas. We can engrave in the top bottom of the bowl and on the bottom base. Turn a beautiful bowl into an exceptional gift with engraving.

Nambe Engraved Handled Tray

Design by Nambé

Serve any dish your imagination can dream up - tenderloin, shrimp, vegetables, relishes, or salads with this beautifully sculpted Handled Tray. Made of Nambé alloy, this tray can retain temperatures dependent on the food item. With two smooth, roomy handles, and subtly curved sides to prevent drips, this tray makes a perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, or any special occasion. Engrave the center of the platter or the underside to personalize.

Note: We usually engrave the back of the platter of who gave the gift.




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