Celebrate 40 Year Anniversary - 2018

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Memorial Flag Display Boxes

Queen Ann Cherry Memorial Display Box

Just days before the cleanup was completed at ground zero, we received a call from Sgt. Lisa Gong from the New York City Police Department. Sgt Lisa was looking for a memorial flag box for the flag that flew over ground zero during the cleanup. She chose the Queen Ann Cherry Memorial Display box. You can order the same one!

Engraving Connection to Waterford's Rescue

Crystal baseball Crystal baseball and bat Crystal baseballs and homeplate

We received a call from Waterford Crystal who was commissioned to supply the Detroit Tigers with crystal baseball bats, crystal home plates, and crystal baseballs. The problem was, they didn't have enough time to etch them for the grand opening of Comerica Park. We got the job done in 48 hours! Read other happy endings!

Bring your Waterford Crystal Flutes, Rocking Horses and other pieces to us and have them etched.